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Kinefac provides its customers with the most advanced metal forming processes widely used in the Medical, Alternative Energy, Automotive, Aerospace and other key industries worldwide. Our KineCoil Division has been in operation since 1993 providing the most advanced Coiling Equipment Worldwide to produce high precision Medical Coils, Catheter Guide Wires, Pacer Leads, Electronic Connector Coils and other precision coils used in various industries. We offer a full line of CNC Coilers as well as mechanical coilers to meet varying customer requirements. We are committed to working with our customers to understand their needs and to offer advanced engineering solutions to meet their production requirements.

A Skilled and Committed Value Added Partner

Kinefac KineCoil Division is committed to provide its customers with:

  • Assistance in coil design
  • Tooling design and manufacture
  • Tooling design and manufacture
  • Coil development programs
  • Coil prototypes and limited production
  • Precision coiling equipment systems
  • Coiling equipment integration into assembly systems

Our advanced engineering team looks forward to reviewing your applications so that we can provide you with strong engineered solutions to meet your needs.

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