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Coil Design Assistance

Kinecoil addresses inquiries by reviewing coil design for manufacturability. KineCoil engineers draw on many years of experience to review material specifications, coil index, pitch spacing, and tension specifications. Using this information, recommendations are made to optimize the production process before any coils are made.


KineCoil has a well-equipped production laboratory for testing and prototyping customer coiling applications. The laboratory is equipped with MicroCoiler and KineCoiler equipment, as well as stocked lab tooling for quick turnaround. The KineCoil lab is equipped with Starrett CNC vision systems for performing dimensional inspection and also has multiple stereoscopic microscopes for visual inspection.

Small Production Runs

For situations where customers need more than a few prototypes or cannot justify a machine purchase for a particular project, KineCoil is capable of performing limited production runs in-house. KineCoil works with customers to meet their inspection and certification requirements.

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